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Amori Boutique 

Amori is an Irish company founded in 2021. The founder, Chantal comes a bit from everywhere and the products that she curates reflects her multicultural background. Indeed, the products picked can be sometimes exuberant and other times a bit more classic however they are always here to make you feel confident, vibrant, bold …. Too many adjectives to describe who you are; as we are all beautifully unique.

Why us? 


At Amori Boutique we believe in Quality over Quantity. That is why we curate products that are made with high quality materials and you know what? Most of them are handcrafted, making them unique pieces! 


All our products are selected with our customers, originality and authenticity in mind. By curating products from small designers, we ensure that our products are not equal to the ones we find in every corner. You can be sure to stand out from the crowd when wearing them!


Being a small business ourselves, we support our fellow small businesses by selecting their products. Most of our accessories are made in Europe with sustainable material. When picking them we also ensure they are timeless, so you will not put them aside at the next fashion trend. 

Customer Service

With years of experience serving customers, we know that you are the heart of our business. We are doing everything we can for you to have a positive experience with us, in the event you face any issue you can trust us to do our best to resolve this in a timely fashion! 

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